Food Safety Information for Employers

All food businesses in Australia must comply with the National Food Safety Standards

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State and Territory Health Departments, along with local council Environmental Health Officers (EHO), enforce these standards for food businesses within their jurisdiction.

All food businesses must nominate a Food Safety Supervisor who is responsible for maintaining Food Safety in the food business.

Your local council website will have details on how to register your food business, using a Food Safety program and food safety training you will need.

Your local council EHO will visit and inspect your premises.

All staff working in a food business needs to know how to keep food safe.

For more information about registering your food business, how to use a food safety program and food safety training requirements you can visit your local council website.

Food Safety Supervisor training must be nationally accredited and delivered by a Registered Training Organisation like CFT.

CFT has been delivering Food Safety training throughout Australia for over 20 years. CFT offers many flexible training solutions to meet your business needs. You may choose to train your team online, individually or in a classroom group, or at your own premises. We train many hospitality, franchise, aged care and childcare centre staff in a group setting.

Group Training in your workplace

CFT’s trainers will come to you to deliver private training to your Group.

CFT’s experienced trainers and assessors will happily tailor the content of our classes and learning material to suit your learners’ needs. We offer many ways of delivering training that can be customised for our clients.

Some of the ways we assist our learners to achieve competency include:
•  easy to navigate online training platform
•  group discussions and role-plays to meet curriculum
•  workplace demonstrations in a group format
•  practical demonstrations by our trainers.

We are happy to discuss your needs and tailor sessions to your Group’s requirements.

Contact CFT if you’d like to discuss our Private Group Training Options.

We are well experienced in accommodating English as a second language people (ESL) in our training sessions.

CFT offers employers a dedicated training portal to easily monitor their group’s online training.

CFT’s robust and dependable e-learning platform offers many options for employer group clients so managers and team leaders can easily manage their team’s online Food Safety training.

CFT’s training portal allows employers to monitor their group’s training, see their team members training progress, update student profiles, and many more operations.

With their own private login, employers can access their teams’ historical and active records, see student’s progress, download and print their group certificates at any time.

We can even set up reminders for when your staff need to refresh their training.

Contact CFT to find out more about how we can assist you with managing Food Safety training for your staff.