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Research shows Aussies aren’t washing their hands before touching food

The Food Safety Information Council released alarming research that shows Aussies aren’t always washing their hands before touching food.

The Council’s research also shows that 20% of Australians admit that they don’t always wash their hand after going to the toilet.

“…This behaviour could be contributing to the estimated 4.1million cases of food poisoning each year not to mention spreading viral infections such as cold, influenza and norovirus,’ Lydia Buchtmann, the Council’s Communication Director.

Poor handwashing knowledge among young people is also a concern as they often become professional food handlers.

‘The research shows gender differences as men were less likely than women to always wash hands after going to the toilet (76% of men versus 82% of women) and before touching food (59% men versus 66% women). Young people were less likely than older age groups to always wash their hands after going to the toilet (69% under 34 years versus 86% over 50 years) and before touching food (59% under 34 versus 63% over 50).

The Council released a package with guides and videos for proper handwashing. Click here to access these.

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The importance of proper food safety processes

The importance of proper food safety processes after a restaurant is hit with a massive fine after its kitchen was found infested with cockroaches and two customers fell ill, is very clear.

Magistrate Anne Thacker said: ‘Clearly the premises had reached a point where they were very dirty. The problems had been there for a considerable amount of time.’ 

Council prosecutor Roman Micairan said the restaurant was not well-maintained and lacked basic cleanliness. He said food and meat were inadequately stored on top of each other.

Restaurant owners and staff cannot afford to risk the food safety and hygiene of their food business. Ensure you have updated your food safety training.

Click here to read the full article publised Microsoft News.

Food Safety and Handwashing

For food safety in your business the most important thing you can do is WASH YOUR HANDS!

#GlobalHandwashingDay – is a timely reminder to check if you’re washing your hands correctly.

Follow CFT’s effective hand washing tips below-

  1. Use soap to work up a lather.
  2. Wash palms, fingers, thumbs, nails and wrists. (Use a clean nail brush if necessary.)
  3. Rinse off soap by washing hands under running warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Dry with paper towel or air-dryer. Never wipe wet hands on clothes / uniform, apron or tea towel to dry them.

Click here to download your free handwashing poster to display in your work kitchen.

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RSA class

RSA in Brunswick

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In Victoria face-to-face RSA training is mandatory for licensees and staff selling, offering or serving liquor for general, on-premises, late night and packaged liquor licences.

RSA is a 4 hour class. VCGLR approved program. All training and assessment will be completed in class by CFT International, RTO 21120.

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