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BBQ and food safety

BBQs and food safety

Remember these food safety tips at your Grand Final BBQ this weekend-

  • Keep your meat in the fridge until you are ready to put it on the BBQ and keep all ready to eat food covered until you are ready to eat it. This will protect it from contamination by flies.
  • Keep salads, patés, spreads, dips and other perishable products in the fridge until needed. It may seem like a great idea to leave food out so that guests can nibble throughout the whole day, but unfortunately bacteria will also have a feast. It’s better to divide these higher risk perishable foods into small amounts and replenish with fresh portions as required.
  • It is even more important than indoor events that you don’t mix fresh top-ups with ones that have been outside for some time where they may also have been enjoyed by flies. Low risk foods, such as nuts, crisps, crackers can be topped up

Remember sausages, hamburgers and poultry need to be cooked all the way through – use a meat thermometer to check they have reached 75°C in the centre. Click here for more BBQ and food safety tips.

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Food Safety and the 4-Hour / 2-Hour rule. Do you know the rule and how it applies to food safety?

Understand the 4-Hour / 2-Hour rule. This means that food will be in the ‘temperature danger zone” for less time. This helps to keep food safe.

Click here to see the NSW Food Authority guide to the 4-Hour / 2-Hour rule.

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Food safety and home-grown produce

Food safety and home-grown produce is something we need to think about. Its good to remember that you can still get food poisoning from your own produce. This can be avoided with bit of careful planning.

It is great to grow your own food as it tastes good, it is fresh and it helps our children understand where food comes from.

Here’s some advice from the Food Safety Information Council.

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Golden Rules for Safe Food Storage

Each year, an estimated 4.1 million Aussies are struck down with food poisoning. Update your Food Safety training with CFT today.

Click here to watch the clip from Channel 7 The Morning Show.

Often, the problem comes after you’ve packed away your pots and pans – when your leftovers are sitting on shelves in your fridge or freezer.

With the Aussie summer approaching its important understand what must be stored in the fridge.